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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Valiant by Shapeways

Modelling the 1970s requires 1970s model Aussie cars.
 One of the difficulties of modelling the early 1970s section of my layout is the lack of 1970s Australian cars. Weico which are now no longer produced manufactured a Holden Kingswood HQ sedan, one tonner, ute and Monaro in white metal. Road Ragers have also just started to produce some of the muscle cars of the 1970s including the Valiant Charger RT, Ford Falcon GTO, Ford Falcon Coupe Cobra however, most of these are not family cars such as sedans and station wagons that were on numerous on the streets of Sydney. 

After discussing with a friend I decided I might as well get the model make up myself .
I decided on the Valiant VH Sedan.
Above: finished Shapeway Valiant models made into a Valiant VH Regal and Valiant VH Regal 770
 The underdog , the Wog Chariot
One brand which I had a stigma whilst I was growing up in the 1970s was the Chrysler Valiant. It was referred to as "Wog Chariot" or "Greek Mercedes" because wit as perceived to have a following by Australians of Italian or Greek descent. 
If you were a true Australian, you had a Ford or a Holden. We had a Holden Kingswood and were proud of it. However, now an Adult I remember the Chrysler dealership near my house in Belmore and wanted to have Valiant VHs for my layout and on for my car carriers.

If you don't find it make it yourself
So I either had to wait until a manufacturer makes Valiants I wanted or substitute some of the other American prototype cars to simulate the valiants. After chatting to a friend who was able to get some a locomotive made in 3D printing by using a 3D software drawer in India, I decided to seek this option.

Sourcing photos
Although I found photos on the internet of the Valiant VH, I needed good straight side, rear and front photos. I joined a Chrysler Valiant appreciation group on Facebook to seek an owner who would share their to take photos of these views of the car.

Above: Valiant VH Pacer one of the many variants of the Valiant VH when released

3D file to Shapeways production
With the aid of my friend who sent the photos to a 3D drawer in
India he was able to prepare a file that I would be able to upload to a 3D printer to produce. I checked out Shapways created a shop to get it produced but also share it so others could buy it

Link to page on Shapew

I initially bought 6 cars one made from Frosted Ultra Details and the other of Transparent material.
Here are photos of the 6 cars in various stage of painting and finishing.
After seeing the 3D model the only thing I didnt like about it was the wheels and tires. I cut most of these off the model in order to use aftermarket wheels from Busch and Wiking etc.
I hope to be able to get other car models made such as the Valiant VH Station Wagon and Chrysler by Chrysler CH Hardtop just need to find owners who will provide photos.


  1. I would think anybody modelling the 1970s or later needs at least a couple of the iconic "Marrickville Mercedes" models on their layout.

    The link provided to Shapeways did not work, I found the model by searching "Chrysler Valiant", which appeared under the following link:


    1. Thanks Darren. Hope to get more Valiants produced. They were the underdog of the big 3.

  2. If you can stretch these out 1:76, I would like a couple for Victoria Street.