Wardell Station welcomes you

Wardell Station welcomes you
Wardell Station late 1950s

Friday, 20 August 2021

Two 4 One

In my last post, I had completed the scenery section of the Wardell Goods Yard area. However, I had not built a structure to cover the point motor. I sought a number of options to find a suitable structure. 
Above: The completed 2 structures built from one kit - Signal hut and a Tram Shed.

Signal Hut options

The Peco point motor adaptor base PL-12 was bought incorrectly when I made a visit to Hatton's in Liverpool, England. I was there back in 2006 and when I purchased a number of items they didn't understand my Australian accent and place that item in my shopping bag instead of another item but now I can't remember what that was.

Rather than having surplus items lying around I decided to use it on my layout.  

I needed a structure that would cover the motor but also would look prototypical of my NSW suburban layout so a Peco or Wills Hut would not be suitable.

Above: Point Motor above baseboard in place

PC2 Rail Central Kit

There have been numerous articles on how to scratch build the PC station buildings over the years. The release of the Rail Central PC1,2 and 3 station building kits brought the idea that I could use the kit in some form. However, building the kit as is would not be suitable for my suburban layout. 

The PC1 Kit would have been too small and the PC3 kit would be too large. The size of the PC2 kit would measure favourably to cover the point motor.

Kit Building

After measuring the area of the point motor to cover with the hut, I decide to cut the the length of the station wall from the waiting room section of the wall to be used for another building. I had to use styrene to complete the end wall of the new building. 

Signal hut PC2

The signal hut was built pretty much as per the kit after I cut the on third of the length off to make the other building.  I didn't use the awning and also had to appropriately trim the roof length to measure the new shortened building. I also had to reduce height of the water tank stands to ensure it under the roof.

Above: Finished building covering motor. 

The Tram Shed

The tram shed was made from the waiting room section of the kit. The awning was also used. However, the roof was completely scratchbuilt from Noch Pantile red roof texture sheets. 
I added federation roof tips from plaster and also guttering. 

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