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Sydney STA
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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

And the Winner is?

The past month I have been able to complete more of the enjoyable part of building the layout. Building up the scenery including completing the station signage and building up ground cover, bushes and trees. 

Below is the completed station scene including overhead stanchions, catenary and station signage on platform signs and platform seats.

After much thought and research, I decided to name the station and layout, Wardell. Wardell, is named after Dr Robert Wardell, a barrister who became quite wealthy after he arrived from England and owned a large estate in the Petersham area in the 1820s. He was murdered by bushrangers on the boundary of his estate in 1834. His estate was subdivided upon his death1. Trafalgar street that is currently running parallel to Petersham station was previously called Wardell St.

Making Signs   
To do the signage I made my own decals using a computer and Publisher to do the lettering. This technique I used previously with my previous layout.
Testors has a Custom Decal System kit which includes decal bonder and decal paper in white and clear paper. The kit only includes 3 papers of each A5 sheets. I ran out of clear decal paper and could not source any Testors clear decal paper in Sydney. I found an alternative supply in Redfern. Below is a printout of the decals I had printed. To maximise the use of the decal paper, I think of all the decals I need for future projects which can fill up the decal paper. 

Once bonder is dry I cut out decals and apply to the platform seat and signs using warm water and Walthers decal solvent. The seats and signs I used were Uneek white metal detail kits from Anton Trains.  After the decal is set after a day I seal with Testors Dullcote.

Ground cover
I had a stash of foilage and scenery material from my previous layouts. However, most of it was dark green, I recently purchased a stack of lighter and medium green bushes, underbrush and coarse turf to complete what I had, to vary the scenery.

Using a mixture of what I already had and what I recently purchased I was able to provide a more realistic scenery scene for the area around the junction of Trafalgar St and Crystal st. Trees were reused from my previous layout Bilby Beach however I replaced the light green foilage with medium green foilage, The foilage used was from Heki which is like a coloured hair net that can be stretched.

 Above is the completed scenery of the ground cover and bushes.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Catch the Subway

One distinguishing feature of Petersham Station is the pedestrian subway that connects Trafalgar and Terminus streets. It was built in1892 and originally had access to the platforms. The access to the platforms was closed after 1988 1. However, the subway still exists today to connect both streets.

Here is a photo of my completed model subway with a view towards "Petersham" Station. I have modelled this as it was before electrification took place. In the background is a 35 class loco waiting at the station.

Above: Photo of the prototype subway and Petersham station c1920 in which the completed model was based 2.
Construction techniques
Construction of the subway was based on the similar technique used for the Crystal St bridge which was described in a previous blog post, wood and readymade plaster cladded with Slaters weathered brick styrene. Since I had limited space, I did not used the measurements in the prototype but made the size to fit the space I had on the layout.
I used Faller Stairs and railing kit to complete the stairs. A mock hole is made to simulate the underground tunnel to reach the centre platform and exit at Terminus St.
Above: WIP of subway entrance
Subway Entrance today
During one of my fieldtrips to Petersham I was able to see the entrance of the subway which still has the brown bricks but is now surrounded by more trees and shrubbery. There is also a screen placed between the wall and the tracks so it is not possible to see the station from the subway entrance.
I believe the underground tunnel is covered in graffiti.

1. Petersham Railway Station Group NSW Environment & Heritage