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Sydney STA
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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Return of the Red Rattlers

Four car red rattler set arrives at Wardell Station

 After a long absence updating this blog, I have finally been able to run some trains. The last time trains were running on the layout was about a year ago when the electronic controlled points and wiring were tested. So the track needed to be tested again and some of the wiring for the electronically controlled points and LEDs had come loose.

Once this was done, I was able to get some model trains running. I also added the catenary wire but discovered that the some of the stanchion posts needed to be re-positioned as the catenary wire was not centered in the middle of the track.

One of the first engines to test were my Sydney Suburban trains. Over the years I I had purchased two, two cars sets from Mini Models and a Suburban Parcel Van. The newer Bradfield  motor cars have working marker lights however the earlier sets did not working lights as well as the Parcel van. I intend to include these at a later stage. 

I have tested an added interior lights to the trailer car as shown in the photo. I interior to be able to connect this to a decoder so I can control when the lights can be turned off and on. There is a couple of stock to do so this may take time to do them all.

 Here is a Bergs Bradfield and Standard trailer 2 car set arriving at Wardell Station

Above: Another view of some of the suburban rolling stock a Suburban parcel van leaves Wardell Station for Central.

Above: View under the Crystal Street bridge looking towards Wardell Station