Sydney STA

Sydney STA
Sydney STA fleet for layout

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Leave the light on for Me

Its been a while since my last post, our yearly family vacation took some chuck of the time but I have found it difficult to focus in completing a couple of projects on the layout.

The key thing that has been mostly completed is the street lights on the layout. I purchased some LEDs from Ebay and was able to glue them to the telegraph poles. I use a mixture of Two Dollar Shop satay sticks and Atlas Telegraph poles to build them.

To turn the lights on I installed a switch on the control panel next to the point switches.

Trafalgar street at dusk. Ready for the evening peak hour

Another shot with the station in the background
I was really happy to be able to complete this, that I showed my kids. Now everytime they come into the train room they like to turn the lights off and then switch the layout lights on.

After I had complete the street lights, I noticed that there were other lighting I needed to add to the layout and also vary some of the lighting so the brightness is not all the same. I hope to do this soon once I learn how I can change the brightness.