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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Colour of Bricks?

The last 4 weeks I have started building the platform and the main station based on the Petersham Station. Most of the time has been spent trying to work out the correct paint colours to represent the brickwork on my station using the AMRI NSW A9 Station kit as the basis with very little modifications.

First Attempt

With the aim of minimising the use of enamel paints I sought to use acrylics wherever possible.
Kit out of the box with first attempt of painting mortar with Tamiya flat white.
 The original plastic red was initially going to be used as the brick colour

Ideas for brick colour
After my annual visit to the Forestville Model Railway Show in Sydney,I decided that I had found an example of the colour of the brickwork that I wanted. Discussions with the representative of the Brunswick Park layout provided me useful information that grime coloured paint was airbrushed on the station building.  

Suburban Station on Brunswick Park Layout.

 Trial and Error
Without getting my airbrush out I made several attempts and experimenting with dry brushing and using Floqui grime as mortar and a mixture of Tamiya browns paints to get the right brick colour.I was quite happy with the weather-look that took away the plastic finish. Although not the same colour as the brickwork seen in the station on Brunswick park I thought it was close.

Most of the brick work colour was Tamiya Hull Red with lighter browns underneath such as dark brown and earth. Gables and window frames were painted in Humbrol Oak. After painting was completed I set about building the kit. This was the most enjoyable part of doing the model as I felt it was back to basics and building a plastic kit again. The only

Let there be light
With my previous layout having building lit on the layout I also thought that having lights for the station would also provide a great effect considering it will be a prominent building on the layout.
I used 3 volt grain of wheat incandescent light bulb. Three on each side for lighting under the awning and one bulb to light up the interior. 

Station which 95% complete with lighting.

I am pretty much happy with the building this station there are a few minor details to complete but hopefully it will be ready for passengers to use on my layout shortly.

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  1. I think you've matched the colours pretty well!