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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bringing back the cross-country connection

Work has started on building the tramway that ran down Crystal street and turned into Trafalgar street at Petersham. This was part of the cross country connection that serviced the Darling Street Wharf to Canterbury line.

I decided to go DC for the tramway as the Weico trams which I have yet to built will only initially be DC. Futhermore, the Bachmann Hong Kong Tram which I use as a test vehicle is also only DC. 
There are  be two controllers one for each direction and have used block control using insulated rail joiners to allow independent running.

I have decided to make do with the controllers I have. I am using my old vintage controllers, a H&M Flyer and a Tyco/Kenbrite Train controller before I converted to DCC, This may change later if I decide to stay with DC or go with DCC.

Where the track merges into one, I have use a DPDT switch to power to the track between the two controllers. The track will split back into two further up the line where this has yet to be built.

Diagram of Tramway wiring

Laying of track
Along Trafalgar St there was only one crossover, however I have installed two on the layout as the  tracks merge into two at the far end of the layout. The track was laid using track pins and PECO code 100 flexible track was used. For the crossovers, PECO radius no: 2 insulfrog points were used.

View of Crossover near Petersham Station

Although I have since learnt that most advanced modellers frequently do not use Code 100 I had a stash of unused radius no: 2 insulfrog points that were Code 100 and also too tight for my locos to use. I thought I would use the points here so these would not go to waste.

View looking West along Trafalgar St

Future work
There is still much work to finish off the tramway including paving of the road, installing overhead wiring and general scenery. Hope this would be complete in the next blog update.


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