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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Wanna be Startin Something

The Final Section
At the beginning of this year, my objective was to commence and aim to complete the last section of the layout in the foreseeable future This section measures 2446mm by 300mm and will build on the 1950s inner west of Sydney theme with both commercial and industrial setting. 

I have chosen the area around Crago Flour mill at Newtown as the basis and using my modelling licence to also include a milk distribution site although the closest would have been in Ultimo. 

The Track Plan

The aim of the track plan was to have the ability to have some industry with some sidings but not overcrowd the layout with track section so that scenery such as buildings and structures would balance the effect. 
Above is the planned track plan what is not shown is the planned tram lines which will consist of a double tram track running at the front of the layout representing King Street or Old Canterbury road. 

Period buildings and shop fronts will also be included to set the scene. 

Building the scenery 
I used dense extruded polystyrene used as building materials that I purchased in large sheets as a way of building the terrain and the railway cutting. This was cut into shapes and then Total Joint Finish was used to cover the joins. Further work on the scenery will be completed when the track is laid and tested.

Laying track
Peco Code 70 track was glued down with white glue onto painted cork road bed. As shown on the track diagram a large right hand turnout and 2 left hand curved turnouts will be used for the siding area. All turnouts will be electrofrog, motorised and connected to frog juicer. As in my previous post the frog juicers worked excellently to ensure smooth running.

Above: Track view looking towards the "Enmore Road Road bridge"
I was fortunate enough to be able to do a short field trip of the Newtown area. I was able to squeeze my camera through a gap in the fence to take some shots of the railway line I am modelling to get idea of the terrain to model.  

Above:  A view of the Enmore Road/King St road bridge

Above: View looking towards Petersham and Crago  Flour Mill

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