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Sydney STA
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Building Bridges

Weeks have passed since my last post and I must say that this part of the build has been the most challenging so far considering I am no carpenter.
Two key challenges:
1) Elevating the track bed so that the track and scenery would not be flat
2) Incorporating a lift out section so access can be made to the centre of the room without breaking one's back.
Elevating the track bed
This took a bit of trial and error and initially the track bed was to rise 65mm in a distance of 1800mm an incline of 3.6% this might not seem so much but for a small HO scale locomotive this could cause problems in the future. After some discussion with another fellow modeller, I decide that I would remove the initial risers and only have a rise of only up to 45mm within the 1800mm distance. The grade being a more realistic and gentler 2% grade.
Elevating track to accommodate road underpass.
This section of the layout will represent the 1970s
The road will slope under the bridge instead of being flat similar to the "Ärnotts biscuits" rail bridge on Parramatta road.
Continuous round-the-room layout presents problems
One of the issues of having a continuous round the room track plan is being able to access the inside of the room.
Although a "duck-under" is one option, it would be inconvenient for visitors to duck to go into the room considering that the baseboard is only one metre from the ground requiring them to "limbo" into the room. The solution has been a lift up section/bridge that allows part of the board to be removed.
As yet I have not worked out how the electronics will function or if I will have an emergency cut off switch if the bridge is up so trains don't go over the "ravine". 

Top side and bottom side of lift up bridge.

Below is another section of the layout that to link two separate sections via a wooden bridge . I now have linked all benchwork together around the room.


  1. thanks for the link - looks interesting

  2. do u have a track plan? cheers nick

    1. I have an idea around of the track plan around the Petersham station which will be the goods yard after visiting the ARHS. Also the area around the proposed under bridge which will include an oil siding and a staging area will be along the window area of the room.
      Apart from that there is a lot of the benchwork I have not planned out yet such as along the backwall, I have looked at the internet for ideas on track plans but haven't yet to confirm any ideas. Tried using track planning software but I got too impatient.