Sydney STA

Sydney STA
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Finally...a track plan and some track laid

In the last post I described my pain in designing the track plan, as "Murphy law" has I showed a modeller friend my initial plan and he came up with some weaknesses with it.

With the Petersham station module track plan this will more or less stay as it is with a few minor changes. Although not a direct copy of the prototype it will have some of the features such as the shunting neck. On the other hand the 1970s module will require some changing  in order for the locomotives  to shunt effectively into the oil siding.

There is also a lot of real estate which has not been decided upon yet. Below is the draft track plan.

Another important milestone is that in the last two weekends I have started to lay track, adding point motors and wiring. So after 9 months of obtaining the Train Room, track is finally been laid, woo hoo!!.


 In the above picture is the planned "Petersham" station and goods yard with No:4827 doing a test run.

Here is another view from what will be the Crystal street bridge. There is still a bit of work to fine tune the wiring and also wiring the point motors which I will update in the next blog update.

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