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Monday, 29 June 2020

Untangling the Mess

More Lockdown activity
It's been almost three months since the Coronavirus has impacted the normal routine of the daily work commute, social activities and kids activities. I have been able to spend more time in the Model room and decided to tidying up the wiring underneath the Wardell Station and Goods yard sidings. 

Untangling the Mess
Every time my friend who is electrical engineering in mind comes to visit and helps me troubleshoot my short circuit or layout wiring problems he complains that my wiring is messy and untidy and connection each should have a colour scheme and he asked for a wiring diagram. 
I said to him, "If I spent all the time on the wiring diagram I would have no time doing the wiring".

It has been a couple of years since the Wardell station area has run trains. The track needed a good clean I used isopropyl alcohol to clean it using the Noch cleaning pads on one of my wagons.

Previously I did not label any of the points or try to label the wiring hubs which made it difficult to troubleshoot the wiring with the issue with some of the wiring just dangling. The transformer and power pack cords were also arranged poorly with many electrical cords hanging in front of the layout. 

Electrical cords for the power pack and transformers were tied together and I hide the power pack within the baseboard framing rather than having it placed separately to avoid the issue of the wiring from the power pack to the Lenz Command Station constantly moving, especially since the power pack is very heavy. 

I also used my trusty Dymo label machine to label the points which match the points on the control panel and also set up LED /light distribution hubs which contained 5 to 6 sets of lights. There are 3 in the Wardell station / street area. 

Below is the wiring tidying up.

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