Wardell Station welcomes you

Wardell Station welcomes you
Wardell Station late 1950s

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Wrong Side of theTracks

The layout room recently had new LED batten lights installed to replace the old fluorescent tubes. 
In order to do so,  I needed to move part of the layout baseboards that was against the wall and above the lights to be replaced. 

A Different Perspective
As a result, it gave me the opportunity to do some detailing and scenery work to areas of the layout that has been difficult to reach. The width of the layout is 600mm so it can be difficult to get to those hard to reach areas. 
It was also a good opportunity to take some photos of the other Terminus Street side of the layout and give a different perspective of scenes not normally able to be photographed.

Above: View from Terminus Street of Wardell Station looking towards Trafalgar and Crystal St
Above: View from what is now the Cockatoo Hotel, across the footbridge to where the 1950s business once stood. McCallums building has been demolished.

Overall perspective of the room
To give a perspective of how the layout is normally arranged below is the view prior to the lights being removed. 
Below: This shows the Wardell Street Station section is moved to the middle of the room. The backdrop hasn't been removed prior to scenery work and detail work. 

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