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Sydney STA
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mid Week Field Trip

Building a layout is not properly researched without at least visiting some railway in real life. Since my layout is based in the inner west line in Sydney, I could visit the railway area that I wanted to model quite easily..
I thought I could do this during a weekend, however with a young family and competing needs i.e. going to the Eveleigh farmers market taking a priority the visit never happened.

However, I thought I could make a quick visit and use my MyMulti 2 weekly and last week during lunch time I visited the line.

Pictured below is the original heritage station which was built in 1885 but was no longer used in the 1920s due to the addition tracks I hope to have this pictured in the background somehow.

Below: The current station building and platform will be the focus of the layout given that it will be set in the 1950s considering it was built in 1920s.

Below is the disused NSWR signal box near the station near the Petersham training centre that use to be the goods yard area before it was no longer used. I hope to incorporate this in the layout.

With only 20 minutes until the inward train back to St James I only had time to take photos around the station and a quick walk up the heritage footbridge.

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