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Sydney STA
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sky's the limit

"God called the expanse sky. And there was evening, and there was morning - the second day. And God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered in one place and let dry ground appear". And it was so.

Whilst it was the second day that God created the sky it has taken me a couple of months to finally get the sky backdrop completed and attaching to the benchwork for all planned scenic areas.

My main accomplishment was being able to bend the backdrops around the corner benchwork as I had seen this done on other layouts. This was more easily done than I had thought as the backdrop was made from 3mm MDF white melamine from Bunnings which was thin enough to bend.
My only regret is painting the first two boards onto the white melamine side as the paint did not stick and required a couple of coats of paint. The colour used was Accent Brand - Iris Waters blue. I bought 1 litre of paint and it covered most of the layout backdrop.

Above: This is longest part of the layout 2 1/2 meters that will be where the planned "Petersham"station will be placed.

The second accomplishment is that by having the benchwork in place I have been able to recycle part of the old Bilby beach layout for a play area for my son. I have been able to babysit him whilst I do work on the layout. He has been happy to sniff around my unpacked boxes of model cars, buildings and trains and get them out and play with them on the benchwork.

Above: My son's play are whilst I continue work on the layout.
My third and final accomplishment is being able to recycle and use part of my old Bilby beach layout and I have begun to incorporating it into my new layout. The dimensions are 1m x 50omm compared to the original size of 1m x 1m making it more suitable to fit the size of the room. However,  I will have to make some modifications to the track plan and the scenery than the original.  

Above: View of old Bilby beach that will be incorporate to the new layout via a single track bridge.
In future, I hope to make a lighting valence for one part of the layout that does not get sufficient lighting. So far my research has not provided me with enough confidence to attempt this project.

Thanks for all those who are visiting my blog. Comments and ideas are welcome!

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