Sydney STA

Sydney STA
Sydney STA fleet for layout

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Winter time modelling

The winter months has made it too cold to do any work at night in the train room as the room has no insulation or heating. I have used the time in the last month or so few to finish off some very long overdue vehicles that were purchased some years ago during our home visit from Switzerland and were partially built in Switzerland.

This will add at least one more to the fleet of period buses as well as adding more period trucks to the layout.

Boxed white metal kits no longer produced by Weico and Peter Young

Instead of building the kits straight from the box I have kit bashed the Ampol Petrol Tanker and used the Ford Thames Trader Cabin instead. I then intend to use the Dodge cabin as the basis for the Australian Military tipper truck.

Work in progress

I have added detailed parts - side mirror and headlights from Herpa and windscreen wipers from another German maker Automobilia. The taxi is awaiting a home made decal to be printed. 
The truck is loosely based on the prototype shown in the link below
Ampol Petrol Tanker Truck ready for service with Weico Holden FX sedan taxi painted in RSL taxi livery colours
The Weico AEC Double Decker bus took a couple of goes to do. The body parts did not fit tightly and required some putty to cover the gaps and required finding substitute headlights and bumper bar which were not supplied in the kit. The two Chevrolet Blitz tow trucks were given to me by a friend. Although Sydney PTC did not have these brand trucks in their fleet I thought it would be appropriate to paint and customise these models into Sydney green and cream to suit the 1950s era and match the buses.   
Weico AEC Double decker bus with double doors & two Chevrolet Blitz tow trucks

Now to get started on modelling some Sydney Trams.

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